a squirrel that looked like hitler


I am not sure exactly how to do this but this is funny as hell and we need a lighter mood around here so here is hoping it works.

Okay. It did not work. Go see the video on Youtube. It is very funny: a squirrel that looked like hitler

Wait, I think I have this figured out :




Yay! Yay! That totally worked.

Also while we are having fun the bunny suicides are one of the most hillarious things to me I have ever seen go see them too. [Make sure you click “excerpt.”] Not just funny. Thought provoking. Which maybe should worry me since it shows you what kinds of things provoke thought from me.


where this came from :

zee gave me the bunny suicides links
which have made my day every time for days on end
[which also maybe should be worrisome]
and a squirrel that looked like hitler comes from

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  1. Z

    Funny and disturbing. I’ve always suspected that squirrels were just biding their time. Squirrel wars are emanate.

  2. Wonderful title. That movie has not reached nothern europe yet. Not at least the small village in Sweden where we live.

    Though we have squirrels in our garden.

    Have to watch my back when i go out to showel snow next time.


  3. Oh, you got the bunny book, yay!

  4. max

    Well not yet the bunny books are on my list of things to get after December frenzy. Till then I content myself hitting the link and looking at the excerpts and arguing with myself over which one is favorite.

  5. Hi Max.

    I thought it was an epic movie, not a cartoon.
    Well, culture is becoming “fast food”.


  6. max

    Hello, Ebit. No, it is just a short. But a very fun short.

    Watch out for those squirrels.

  7. Hi again.

    What is your local time (it is early morning huh ?)


    Here it is 08.01 right now.

  8. max

    It is Tuesday in California, going on midnight. Later on the East Coast.

  9. Amazing.

    Well – i hope you are fine over there. Now my day starts and i will head off to
    1. The doctor (have an infection in one ear)
    2. To the local grocery store – to buy mineral water to bring to the 3:d appointment today
    3. Off to a boardmeeting in an investment company
    4. To the city to shop x-mas presents.

    A merry christmas & happy new year (which i will celebrate before you, since we are so much ahead in time)


  10. max

    Wow. Ebit. You smooth talker. Nothing sweeps a girl off her feet faster than talk of ear infections and bottled water purchases.

  11. Well, the intention was of course not to sweep you off your feet, more to give you a glimpse of what is going on in Sweden this morning.

    The ear was not infected, the water is bought, and now i wait for someone to come and pick me up for today work.


  12. max

    I have been to Sweden, pumpkin. I can buy water here. The moose and lighting there are fun though.

  13. Z

    This Swedish friend of mine, who I lost touch with many years ago and miss dearly, used to love to tell people on the internet that polar bears wandered the streets in Sweden. I love this. That people all over the internet have images of polar bears wandering the street in Sweden.

  14. z: well we do not have polar bears in sweden, more than in the zoos. Though in our garden we often see elks (up to 350 kg).

    We have bears, but not where i live. You have to travel some 300 km north to come across wild bears.

    Max: pumpkin is a sweet word.


  15. max

    Jeez, Ebit, way to crush the dream.

  16. hahaha dude! I’m glad you like my cartoon! Haha I checked the links for it, and it lead me to this site, so I just had to comment. :-) Thank you for using it!

  17. max

    I love that cartoon.

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