a moment my pilgrim grandmother will so not approve of


incubusYour breasts should be called —

Fire & Brimstone



:::what should your breasts be called:::


where i nabbed that quiz :
i nabbed that quiz at rain’s

where the art work comes from :
that is from astro twilight

0 Responses to a moment my pilgrim grandmother will so not approve of

  1. I ran that quiz? Huh, I’m a little addled tonight, I’d completely forgotten.

    You SURE I ran that quiz?

  2. max

    The link is right there smart stuff.

  3. Kym

    Sugah & Spice & everything nice.

  4. max

    You made that up and you know it.

  5. Kym

    I refuse to admit Trinidad and Tobago could be used to reference my delicious sweet mounds of passion.

  6. Romeo and Juliet? Sorry but they got the girls confused with another set of twins. I know for a fact mine are “shock and awe.”

  7. Crime and Passion.

  8. Wow. That’s hot, Anita. See you on City Confidential!

  9. Caesar and Cleopatra.

  10. max

    Wow they match your avatar.

  11. heh, is this where I confess to the names of my clangers?

  12. max

    I am going to delicately overlook that last comment Quill.

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