a memory : part iii


goth_back.pngShe missed him —

She missed him hard enough it took leaving the state to leave him.

He said —

She ignored what he said.

He wrote —

She ignored what he wrote.

Five years later he wrote her again.


memory : part i
memory : part ii
memory : part iii


where the art work comes from :
i can tell you where i found the image
there is a small problem with deciphering

5 Responses to a memory : part iii

  1. “Five years later he wrote her again” – sounds like he misses her.

  2. I’d be afraid of what someone could say to me five years later after going through that.


  3. i think i lived this

  4. Kym

    Poetry with pain–you do it well, Max!

  5. max

    It was a sad story. I do not know how it ends.

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