a memory : part ii


goth_back.pngShe said —

I am going to see other people.

He said —

I am not.

She said —

You do not like me enough.

He said —

You are the only person I want to see.

She said —

I have not seen you in a week and a half.

He said —

Someone slashed my tires.

She said —

It is only ten blocks.


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where the art work comes from :
i can tell you where i found the image
there is a small problem with deciphering

6 Responses to a memory : part ii

  1. Conundrum

    but everyone knows that, if you live in LA, walking ten blocks is physically impossible.

    That is holding the poor guy to an unreasonable expectation and standard.

    I guess it is a guy thing – I just have to defend him.

  2. Women know things, like when you are truly happy and when you aren’t.
    Well, at least Max would know.

  3. max

    You give me way too much credit Jen. I am not smart in love. It is like this switch goes off that says “engage stupidity now” and whammo there I am deaf, dumb, and blind I am like the Helen Keller of romance or something.

  4. it is good to know that it is not only me blindly feeling my way out of love (when i think i am going deeper in)

    and in the end, she ends up seeing only him and he ends up eventually seeing other people too and then other people exclusively.

  5. Max, has Achilles’ heart, an afliction of goddess/warrior type. That’s not an easy one.

  6. You didn’t really expect an LA man to walk, did you? They use a Segway just to get to the bathroom.

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