a little encouragement from the single screenwriter


This is fun. It is from The Single Screenwriter:


[vimeo 87224264 w=500 h=281]

Screenwriters, This One’s For You! from TrailerWorks on Vimeo.


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6 Responses to a little encouragement from the single screenwriter

  1. Nice Video — very cool. (But… I noticed even here there were far fewer women writers featured than men). Dammit. I refuse to believe “they” are more talented or dedicated. :) Back at it…

  2. Max

    You’ll have to talk to The Single Screenwriter about gender. I didn’t make the clip.

  3. Understood. My never-gonna-get-me-anywhere-bitterness aside, I thought the video was well done.

  4. Max

    It’s a legitimate observation. I doubt Christie noticed it while making the clip.

  5. Oh yes she did notice it while making the clip. I looked for more women, believe me! And minorities. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately, I was stuck with what I could find, and as most of the pics were less than flattering, white males tend to dominate that market too. Go figure.

  6. Max

    Only photos of guys? Color me shocked! [Not really, sigh.]

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