a guy witnesses an accident


untitled by voorhees




This is very funny to me :

:::morning show bits:::




where the art work comes from :
that is by jeff voorhees



16 Responses to a guy witnesses an accident

  1. Hilarious! When the caller starts laughing uncontrollably. Too funny.

  2. Holy crap, that’s freakin’ funny.

    “Looks like Mother Goose… ahhhh She’s beatin’ ‘im!… she’s like four foot nothin’…”

    Oh that’s classic.

  3. max

    It totally cracks me up.

  4. He must have graduated from the School of Monty Python.


  5. I’d like to give that guy my phone number so he can give me wake up calls.
    I love big laughter like that. The dude has voice, too, “four foot nothin’.”

  6. californiablogging

    I love him!

  7. Ok, what the hell is this guy saying? I was just laughing because he sounded so incoherent!

  8. max

    Turn the sound up goof.

  9. I think my nephew screwed up the speakers.

  10. max

    Maybe he unplugged them because he was listening to something inappropriate and did not want to get busted. Check the connections and volume settings.

  11. Whatever he did he screwed up the router too. I can’t blog on my laptop in bed and trust me, I do a lot of work in bed.

  12. Oh, um, that didn’t sound right. lmao

  13. Oh it sounded just fine from here, Stil. Do continue.


  14. max

    I think the nephew needs his own laptop.

  15. Janie, I will [attempt to] catch up on Sunday when the coast is clear.

    Max, he has his own laptop. But for some reason he enjoys surfing on mine.

  16. max

    Oh well for some reason that little raccoon can cruise on his own laptop now. Look what he did to your speakers. Now you cannot hear the fun radio call.

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