a day off

I am taking a day off from posting. The next Grey’s Anatomy disk just arrived and I have to go perv out watch Dr. McDreamy who is not Patrick Duffy.


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  1. Have fun – perv!

    PS Let me know when you finish. I’ll exchange my first season of ER for your Grey’s Anatomy!

  2. Ah, good for you. (bad for us)

  3. max

    Oh well my version of Grey’s Anatomy is Netflix’s version.

    Wow I would have been super mad if I had been watching the first season real time and it ended on this note and left me hanging.

    Good thing I can just watch the next season right away.

    I never thought I would even consider buying a TV series that is not science fiction but I really like this show.

  4. Hey you are cheating on Mirco.

  5. max

    Am not. I am showing appreciation for fine writing, acting, and directing.


  6. What no post? Sometimes you actually double post…… you might be in denial, Max! ( cheeeeeeterrrrrrrrrr ) lol

  7. max

    Denial is a survival mechanism that is really underrated.

  8. And it’s not just a riv…

    Never mind. That was even too lame for me.


  9. max

    JanieBelle I am so proud of you I can take the pun police off speed dial.

  10. Well Kate and I are currently in trouble with WordPress, so I probably should mind my Ps and Qs.

    I can only handle one branch of law enforcement at a time.


  11. max

    Jeez now my avatar is gone again. That is so annoying.

  12. Sophia

    I was watching Grey’s Anatomy this morning. And I decided that the non Patick Duffy guy is not only absolutely not sexy but his voice is also extremelly irritating. Max, are you feeling all right honey?

  13. max

    Well no I have cramps but that tends to make me err on the less kind side to men, not kinder, and I think he is cute.

  14. Sophia

    Take an aspirin, no alcohol for a week, eat light. It’s probably a bug affecting your taste in men. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent.

  15. max

    Wow, Janie. I just went and looked. When you and Kate decide to get in trouble you really decide to get in trouble. This is not good.

  16. Yeah, I guess we don’t really pick little fights, do we?


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