a bird in rain


crow_pianissimo.pngMy totem is —

A black bird.

Or at least that is the animal that chose me. A very big black bird.

This bird comes in times of change.

Most of my life is times of change. That means big black birds are around a lot.

In Seattle, there were twenty four of them spinning pinwheels outside my window. Before I left. Saying, Go, go, go.


For days, when I woke up, it was because the birds were yelling.

I did not want to talk to them. I did not want to open those blinds.

But I finally said, Okay. And opened the blinds.

There they were. Five big black birds.

And the dead bird. Resting dead on a utility pole. High up.

It has been raining hard. And I wonder if after the rains end, that bird will still be there.

Or how I can get him down.


The other birds, that for days have been messing with me to make me see, fly away.

It is raining so hard.

I keep wondering how I can get that bird down.


where the art work comes from :
that is piannisimo from mdumlao98’s flickr page

16 Responses to a bird in rain

  1. Oh that poor bird. I wonder what happened to it.

  2. I really like this piece, Max.

  3. Kym

    Max, I don’t know any good juju but if your totem is dead maybe you should find someone who knows how to do some good magic!

  4. max

    I am working on it Kym. [wink]

    Thanks, Lulu.

    Michele, yes, I worry and wonder about that bird. The rain took him down. He was only up for a night. But that wing hanging over the pole really got to me.

  5. The bird was with kindred spirits so it wasn’t alone when it died.

    I know it was a sad thing to see, but in a way it was the right.

    That happens a lot.


  6. I’ve had several pets who have asked me to help them pass–I just had to learn to listen. Anita Marie is right. They are much more sensible about death when the time comes then most people.

    Sam, my cat who just passed, did so. He looked me in the eye and told me he was dying. I think my totem animals are cats.

  7. Sorry, another thought about what Kym said–maybe your totem animal shared its death with you to teach you something, or to show you something you need to see. Maybe its not a bad thing.

  8. how very odd. I was also writing of black birds today.

    in your neck of the woods, I beleive the raven is the trickster. I consider it one of my totems, also.

    lovely bit of writing, too.

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  10. And also, max, you are the other birds, making people see, making people pay attention. I think that is a fine, fine thing for a writer. It is a gift.

  11. I really like this piece too. Thanks for sharing.

  12. californiablogging

    Oh your mind is a beautiful thing Ms. Max but your soul is straight up glamorous. I like these posts a lot.

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