5150 has an open chair


chairThere is a chair —

Open in the 5150 online screenwriting workshop founded and run by yours truly. Anyone interested should check the info at :::workshop::: read the entirety of the information and if interested, email yours truly.

I look forward to hearing from you.


*ps yes i know exactly what 5150 means thank you for writing me en masse [ahhh!] what else do you call a person with a talent and a pen except a danger to self & others now go use your inky powers for good instead of evil


where the art work comes from :
that is from the scattered image

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  1. If I had the time and the money…

  2. max

    It would be nice to have you as a member.

  3. Perhaps next year, after I have settled. I would like to convert my novel.

  4. max

    I am doing an online seminar the month of June for a book writers’ association that is open to the public and the price is really reasonable because the seminar has a large attendance so we can keep prices low. That might be good for you and I know it is open to both membership and non-membership and it is specifically geared for authors adapting novels to film. Toni McGee Causey [Bobbie Faye’s Very Very Very Bad Day] heads that up and she and I are still ironing out the parameters [for example I am still trying to come up with a name for the seminar better than Max’s Very Very Very Bad Day, oh such originality — wink] but I will be announcing more about that around here in the next couple months. That might really work for you.

  5. Thanks. That sounds really promising. I will have to see where I am at during that time, as I may be in the middle of a huge move. I will keep looking in. That sounds really great.

    I do, you know, appreciate your tolerance of my artistic nonsense, and my bloggish journey of finding my way to where I am now. You are the only person/blogger/writer whom I have stayed with these past years, always appreciating your style.

    Right now I am mostly writing poetry on Mind Weep. It is an ever evolving trek.

  6. max

    Being the only one is a big compliment. Thank you.

  7. I am really thrilled that max is going to be teaching for us in June. As soon as we have a very very very permanent title (grin), I’ll be posting a link for anyone interested in signing up.

    The classes last for one month (June), and will be hosted on a yahoogroup closed loop. You can work at your own pace, and participate however much or little you prefer (or the teacher indicates). Cost of the class is only $30 for non-members of PASIC (the group holding the classes). We’re known for having seriously great teachers and exclusive classes, so you may want to check out the current class, listed here:

    The classes are (generally) designed to help writers work at their own level, in their own genre, and you are welcome to share the link and the information, if you’d like.

    I can’t wait for max’s class–it’s going to rock. (Since I was in a workshop of max’s prior to selling, and since that workshop was amazing, and I sold that project as a 3-book deal on a pre-empt, I feel fairly qualified to say max is one of the best teachers, ever.)


    Toni McGee Causey
    The Bobbie Faye trilogy

  8. max

    Aw thanks, Toni. Smooch!

  9. max

    By the way, we are in detante between “Accelerated Screenwriting” and “Screenwriting Crash Course.” Votes appreciated.

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