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Okay soon now I am going to have to actually write a real post around here instead of just loading up on youtubes and I will, I promise.

Also I am getting a little tired of talking about the strike and if I am tired of just talking about it probably other people are a little tired of reading about it but still, I thought this was pretty entertaining and also puts things strike in some perspective so I am posting it while I stall for time to think up things witty and engaging to talk about that are not strike.

[The strike is pretty all encompassing in my world at the moment — sigh.]




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  1. Makes everyone just want to be a writer doesn’t it?

    So happy to see this making the news.

  2. Kym

    I’ve been surprised at how little I’ve heard off the net..mostly radio and print news. It’s almost like the strike isn’t happening but…all the people I talk to know about it and are on the writers’ side.

  3. max

    12,000 people on strike in one of the U.S.’s largest cities and most famous and global industries in a strike which effects every worker in its industry and not much news about it. Makes you wonder what else is going on around the country no one is hearing much about. [wry smile]

  4. I’m so tired of everyone getting all the dough but not the creative deserving. I’m still mixed in all this as I’m really getting bitter about not having my Jimmy K. fix but I see the light pretty much. I wondered though, and forgive me if I’ve asked this already, how do you feel about all the celebrities striking along with you guys? Think they are for real or looking to in the public eye while they are cooling their heels?

  5. max

    I figure, like most scenarios in life, some people are more real than others but honestly these days if someone wants media attention they are better off going out in public without panties that seems to get more media attention than the strike. Also there is a risk of studio reprisals for supporting the strike too vocally I am not knocking any celebs who speak in support of the writers.

  6. californiablogging

    My Bff works at a post house and they got memos telling them that the strike will start to hit them soon. Cut backs frist then lay -offs.

  7. Well, I wish I could say Tim’s WGN appearance was hilarious, but, wow! A throw-back to his SNL days really hits home for Chicago – where a large portion of comedy writers cut their teeth in places like Second City.

    Even here in middle-of-nowhere Ohio, in the southern anti-union Cincy-Dayton area, I’m amazed at the amount of, well, disinformation that’s being spread around about WGA. Sad, but, well… it’ll sink in for the consumer.

  8. max

    It reminds me of the baseball strike. People were outraged “those over paid baseball players were depriving their fans.” All anyone ever heard about was multi-million dollar player deals. And that sewed a lot of resentment. People allegedly getting millions allegedly asking for more millions. But —

    Only a handful of players get those kinds of contracts. And no one seemed to be outraged at multi-million dollar owners who were more than willing to deprive fans in order to beat the lesser paid players into the ground. The same attitude is being sewn now. Blame the workers because they are not giving you the entertainment you are accustomed to getting whenever you want, forget the owners who actually control the situation, make the real money and could give a damn about you or the workers.

    This works in part, I am pretty sure, because we live in a puritanical society that considers arts and sports frivolous occupations. There is a certain amount of resentment of people who get paid to “just write stories” or “just play a game.” Those are not, after all, real jobs, right? And I think in general terms a good deal of the populace does not consider us real “workers” with real occupations.

    Oddly, everyone gets really pissed if we stop showing up for work though.

  9. Damn, Max, your last comment should be a post.

  10. max

    Cool. Something to post tonight. [wink]

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