25 to go...



435 votes in.

25 to go.

[It takes 60 seconds to view and VOTE]


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*do not forget to respond to vote confirmation email you have to answer that email for votes to be counted


where the art work comes from :
that is from miss britt

facebook group :
vote for max!

0 Responses to 25 to go…

  1. Yayayayayay!

    That is the best graphic, ever, Max.

  2. max

    Thank you Kitty. I cannot take credit for more than finding that great graphic and while finding is definitely a skill doing is a better skill that is a Miss Britt photo. Yay!

  3. It’s perfect for these posts.

  4. G Eagle Esq

    Hast die Max gewonnen
    Wir müssen kennen

  5. max

    Nicht gewonnen, aber ist gute. [Wow my German is so rusty. Gute? Gutte? Gut?]

    [drum roll]

    #39 with 495 votes — I am going to make the top 50 yay! Yay! Yay! Kym thank you for getting the sons to vote. Now wrassle Kevin….

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