25 damn things


Yep. You guessed it. Tagged on FB. And I have been neglecting the blog — though you could scroll down to the bottom and catch some of the links from that other blog. Ahem. But —

Blog neglect! Ahhh! So —

In no particular order and sans the help of alcohol because I am sick, damn it, here are 25 random damn things.

1. I snore. Really loud. Ungentlemanly persons to remain unnamed have recorded this just to prove it. I will still deny it.

2. I am continually trapped between the demands I behave “professionally” and just enjoying the fuck out of what I do. There, I hope that is professional enough.

3. I mistrust overly friendly men. This may be related to leaping out of a moving car at a young age when the driver was overly “friendly” and wouldn’t stop the car.

4. I still think removing your pants while driving and without an invitation to do so is “too friendly.”

5. I curse. A lot. Deal with it.

6. I like cursing. If I were in Bridgette Jones’s Diary, I would be the journlist who likes to say “fuck.” A lot.

7. All the martial arts training in the world won’t save you if someone sneaks up behind you and hits you in the head with a two-by-four.

8. The above may explain why I generally sit with my back to the wall.

9. Shoes. They are not just for breakfast anymore. Yay!

10. I spell much better in German than I do in English. This is because German instructors mark you down just as hard for one misplaced letter as they do for a total conjugation mash up.

11. Everyone on my mother’s side of the family is fa – er, overweight. Except one cousin who I suspect owes her slim frame to entertaining substances. No one knows why I am not fat.

12. My father is a descendent not only of presidents but of the Richfield Oil Estate. Somehow he managed to blow through it all and leave me nothing but a few legal bills to remember him by.

13. The only parts of my body I haven’t managed to injure are my left elbow and right ribs. For someone with a background in dance who is generally considered pretty graceful this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

14. I am allergic to novacaine.

15. No cracks about the “generally pretty graceful” comment.

16. Friends won’t allow me to buy a bicycle – something about accident prone and what happens when cars and humans on bicycles collide.

17. A martial arts instructor once accepted me based solely on the fact he’d never met a civilian who’d been in as many physical combat situations as I had.

18. Chocolate is good. More chocolate is better.

19. I have no tonsils.

20. Small children, animals, and the mothers of sons I am dating love me.

21. Sons I am dating tend to be more problematic.

22. I have been known to floss.

23. I drink Diet Coke because my dentist makes me. She’d probably prefer I drink no Coke at all. But has to content herself with just getting rid of the sugar quotient.

24. My dentist is a half foot shorter than I am and can still boss me around.

25. I have to poof the hair to hit 5’6”.


I don’t tag people in memes as a general rule — outside of whatever foolhardy and nefarious souls tagged me, revenge! — but if this looks like fun to you go for it and tag me back.


where the art work comes from :
that is a shot by chesher

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  1. Dammit Max. It’s been years since we’ve traded survey’s, etc but I have to do this one. Just ’cause you posted it. Coming soon.
    Loved #1. Mmmm can relate. I’m too ladylike to snore but various husbands and boyfriend’s swear I do.
    Pretty sure they’re taping samples from an MP3.

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