15 reasons obama sucks



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Fifteen Reasons Obama Sucks

1. What happened to :::habeas corpus:::? :::Indefinite detention:::? Seriously?

2. Hey weren’t we going to close :::Guantanamo:::?

3. What is up with that closed door deal with :::Big Pharma:::? That was two months into office right?

4. Have you discussed that :::government transparency::: thing with that :::Assange guy::: or are you guys just playing phone tag?

5. Two words: Public. Option. Wait, let me rephrase: :::five health care promises candidate obama won’t keep:::

6. If the big auto bailout really worked, why can’t I find :::Detroit::: via global satellite?

7. If the bank bailout really worked, how come :::banks aren’t lending:::?

8. What was with those screaming tanks unleashed on :::Pittsburgh students:::? Aren’t those supposed to be used on “the enemy”?

9. Am I crazy or is :::putting BP in charge::: of an investigation of BP kind of like putting the lead suspect in a murder investigation in charge of the murder investigation?

10. White House beach themed parties :::during the Gulf spill:::? Genius!

11. Carbon? Wasn’t there something in there about :::carbon:::? [Sorry, so much has changed so fast my head is still kind of spinning. I guess the plan is to not block it yet?]

12. Say, didn’t a drawn out :::Russian Afghanistan occupation::: topple Russia? Or do you still think Reagan was responsible for that? Also, weren’t the Russians smart enough to get out after NINE years?

13. We all know being on TV is fun, but :::don’t you have a day job:::?

14. Being :::groped, fondled, and x-rayed naked::: for no apparent reason is one of the things we objected to in that Bill of Rights thing everyone signed here before we kicked King George to the curb. Also, :::unwarranted surveillance::: is not cool. You may not be familiar with the :::Bill of Rights::: but if you ask an aide, I am sure someone can rustle up a copy for you. Or just Google it: “Bill of Rights.”

15. :::Veterans::: came to see you this month. I guess you were busy. Your people threw 100 of them in jail. :::100 U.S. military veterans in jail!::: For fuck’s sake! What ever happened to hot chocolate?

[My kids are so not caroling at your place this Christmas.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from king of the wild frontier

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