One hundred and nineteen pounds.



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  1. I need to get to the gym more…

  2. max

    Or give up ice cream. [wink]

  3. aj

    Diet Coke, Chocolate & Cheesecake.

  4. max

    No way it took two weeks without ice cream to knock off that freaking pound I hit some sort of aberrant tier there I think I am going for 114 to be safe.

  5. Yay!

    Skinny bitch.


  6. max

    You better run. Jeez.

  7. max

    [Speaking of skinny, you know I could bench press you right?]

  8. Not while I’m running.

  9. max

    That was sass right?

  10. aj

    Running just means she would have to juggle instead.

  11. Okay, if you’re gonna bench press me, don’t touch the ribs. I’m ticklish and would get all twitchy and you’d end up dropping me.

  12. max

    Wow you are being pretty demanding for someone who is about to be tossed around like a hedgehog.

  13. 115! Max, if you ever get skunk drunk, I’ll be able to carry you home!

  14. max

    LOL — shopping carts are more fun.

  15. Isn’t Valliant the one with a thing for shopping carts? We’ll have to ask him.

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