distilled waterI have finally —

Discovered who is responsible for this drunken blogging frenzy. Faulkner. Yay!

Okay, not really, really it appears to be this guy [or girl?] :

But. Faulkner is my hero. King of the run on sentence which is maybe why I love him so we have that in common which works for me.

And, in honor of Faulkner, I am popping open a beer. Yay!


[note : images added well after drunken blogging frenzy]




where the art work comes from :
that is distilled water by lin zhizhao

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  1. Hey, where’s the drunken post?
    Okay, to Faulkner (lifting a Diet Coke). Cheers.

  2. max

    Damn. I knew I forgot something.

  3. You see, when I get drunk I get sleepy. It’s hard to write when you’re sleepy. It’s hard to even want to write when you’re sleepy.

    But if you forgot to write, why did you bother to get drunk, pray tell? Enquiring minds, and all that.

  4. max

    You are too young Pooks I will explain when you are older.

  5. max

    [By the way, I do not suppose any of you weisenheimers have noticed this post is logged an hour and a half after the first post and I forgot to put a title on it? Like that was really the first beer.]

  6. Well those drunken ninja fingers type fast.

  7. Shit, I missed it.

    What, only beer? What would have happened if you drank the strong stuff?

  8. max

    Good to know, Brit. Say, how much drunken blogging did you get going that night?

  9. Quite a lot. You can google NaDruWriNi to see everyone’s work.

  10. max

    Cool. I see Gwenda in there a lot. And there is Pooks… wait, should I be worried I recognize people?

    Um. I’ve never seen any of those people before in my life.

  11. That was one hell of a drunken party you went to, Max.

  12. max

    Damn right. 159 google links right off the top. I am a social animal.

  13. max

    [by the way, do you know how hard it is, what an act of will it requires here, to not to fix this post and give it a title?]

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