110 to go...



349 votes in.

110 to go.


You can follow vote scores on twitter here.



*do not forget to respond to vote confirmation email you have to answer that email for votes to be counted


where the art work comes from :
that is from miss britt

facebook group :
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0 Responses to 110 to go…

  1. Dan

    Do multiple votes count? Because…y’know, I’d vote a few more times if it’ll help.

  2. max

    Yes if you have multiple email addresses to send them in from. Definitely. They all just have to be confirmed via email vote confirmation.

  3. max

    [Current votes in : 370 | Vote count that has to be reached : 450 + | Votes needed : 80 +]

  4. forkboy1965

    Rock on Max!

  5. Mitch

    I don’t really have any idea who you are (and I can’t really even remember how I stumbled upon this blog), but I decided to vote for you anyway. Good luck!

  6. max

    Votes in: 387 | Votes to go: 65 |

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