When I was a kid —

The news was on the TV and I went into one of my Kid Max moments of just knowing and said, Those people are really dangerous.

My mother said, Don’t be silly, that is the lunatic fringe, no one will ever overturn Roe vs. Wade.


where the art work comes from :
that is from elisa

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  1. Shit, no, they haven’t, have they? No, surely not. Have they? I daren’t look.

  2. Max,
    I can remember the day (was in 5th grade) when I heard on the playground; which I was forced to set foot on. No bitterness here.

    The point: Had just heard that the death penalty was overturned in California. This was perhaps nine months after Manson had been convicted.And 6 months after the neighbor, who was OLD (probably 50 heh) had been robbed and beaten.
    At the time of the Tate murders I can remember my parents (and the rest of the neighborhood) hiring extra security patrol cars in our neighborhood.

    Manson is alive, the nice old man who lived nest door is long dead, and the lunatic fringe lives on.
    Had an abortion when I was 19. It was legal at the time in NYC (had grown up in LA obviously) but I fear for my daughter now.
    Just as I feared for my family, with little understanding, when I was a little girl.

    Thank you Max. This is such an important topic.
    Coat hangers are not the new black…

  3. Max

    It has not been overturned yet, Sol, but what my mother referred to as the lunatic fringe now appears to be populating Congress and they get closer every day.

  4. That’s the problem, Max. You post something like that now and I believe it could happen. Did you see that Georgian legislation a while back to criminalise miscarriage? Run! Run for the hills!

  5. Max

    It could happen. And even if it is not overturned, state after state is imposing legislation that handicaps it to the point of invalidating it.

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