This is totally hillarious. Watch it right away.


Whew! Got out of that one.

Good thing I can snag the funniness of others. I cannot be funny every day here you know.


where i snagged this :
that hot doc’s wife — she finds the best cartoons

12 Responses to 1-800-texas

  1. That is hilarious. I need to watch more Ellen. She’s refreshing. I love her AmEx commercials with the animals.

  2. max

    I am wondering who would shake down an 88 year old Texas woman for her Listerine. Please, like Gladys is an international terrorist?

  3. That’s the part that cracked me up the most. Imagine this lady turning down a trip to be on Ellen’s show because she can’t take the shakedown at the airport.

  4. max

    Sheesh, at 88 I am not letting some pimple faced kid in an ill fitting airport security uniform pat me down for Listerine either.

    Ellen should ship her out by train. Trains are spiffy [and have a bar car] and she would like the town cars too.

  5. I’d love to see Gladys on her show. That’s a great idea, put that little lady on the train and give her some hooch.

  6. Zach, ” Mommy are you ok? Mommy what’s happening??”
    Me, falling out of the chair crying and laughing…… this has happened before……LOL
    I need a T-shirt ” I love jesus but I drink a little”

  7. max

    I could make that shirt.

  8. aj

    Gladys is good value. We should all have one.

  9. max

    Hey you need to fix the link in your posting profile.

  10. Funniest line by a little old lady, ever. Thanks; that was great. And I totally believe they would shake down a little old lady at the airport. I had to fly out to a New Years show and didn’t have any travel toothpaste left, so I took another tube.

    I travel a lot so I know the rules and always follow them. Pastes a gel have to be less than 3.6 ounces, so I took a 4 ounce tube that was rolled and obviously had less than an ounce of paste in it. They took it because they have to go by the label on the package, even though they acknowledged it was less than the allowable maximum.

    Let that be a logic lesson for all: 3 oz in a full container–good to go, .75 oz in a 4 oz container–dangerous. Does that make anyone feel safer?

  11. Oh. My. God.

    I love Ellen and now I love Gladys.

    So. Why the hell doesn’t Ellen do her show from Austin one week? It’s not like there aren’t a lot of Texas guests to call in.

  12. That’s a great idea, pooks. That would make great television–especially if they shook Gladys down before letting her in the limo.

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